Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mototubers and Motovlogers

Who are mototubers and motovlogers?

Well these are People  with cameras who travel the world or capture there everyday life in a form videos and publish them  on  various online video sharing platforms with rise of portable cameras like GOpro,SJ camera ,Sony and etc which come with various accessories that are mountable to all kinds of surfaces.

Well this blog is dedicated  all those people who are posting  various videos about their life,travel and etc.Most of the  tubers or vlogers are full time tubers working from various countries and posting and reviewing all most all the consumer items or things

These people are highly educated and everyday people like us who trying make the world better place

In this blog I am going to republish there work and I am not trying  re-create their work or add anything to it.


Blog is all about republish links of videos,reviews,vlogs,travels and etc which are all about Cars and motorcycles .

If any people Have any problem with these kind of republishing  or advertising.
they can reach Me

Thank You,

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